Second Interview

Second interview is where you want to be.

Your goal in the second interview is to get a job offer. At this point in time you are normally competing with less than 3 other candidates. They like you and they want to show you to the big boys, the decision making team. 3 more steps to go

  1. Prepare for it – have all of your ticks crossed
  2. Stay cool during it – just a walk in the park
  3. Close the deal and get out

Preparing for the interview.

Similar to the first interview with minor changes.

Research, Research, Research!

Were you asked any questions you didn’t know? It is time to learn and be ready for the next one.

New people coming to the next interview? Research who they are, their  position and what will be their role compared to you (head of department, direct boss etc)

What to wear?

Did you feel comfortable in the first interview? If yes, wear the same as before. If not, what did your interviewer wore? Aim for the same style

On the day of the interview

Make sure you have the following:

  • Pen
  • Paper to write on
  • Your preparation notes
  • Clothes to suit the interview
  • Clear instruction of how to get there and who to contact
  • Your mobile
  • Identification card (your driver license or a passport)

On the company premises

Similar to the first interview, you probably know the premises by now and should feel a bit more comfortable. Introduce yourself to the admin worker and provide her with the interviewer details, normally you will be asked to wait until your interviewer comes to pick you. If the same person comes to pick you up, wait for him to greet you and respond with “Good to see you again Richard”, you are old friends by now and you will not be here unless he already recommended you. Now he is selling you to his boss and he doesn’t want to look like he is wasting his boss time. So he is on your side.

The interview starts

There would be two to three people in the interview room. They are normally managers and head of departments or directors. You will be introduced to them. Shake their hand and be polite. Once the courtesy ended sit down and LISTEN!

Don’t try to control the interview or ask questions as the interview is pre-planned as well and you will be simply asked questions. Firstly, the interviewer shall confirm in brief the details on your CV which he has interest in. This part normally takes 5-10 minutes.

Tell us about you…

Again you will be asked to tell about yourself and what are you seeking. Make sure you aim the answer to the job description but focus on your soft skills as well. In this part you are also being reviewed about your English, the way you handle yourself and in general how you come about to the people on the other side of the table. This part normally takes 1-2 minutes

The technical part

They already know you are technically capable for the role, this part will be short and they might skip it altogether.

Why do you want to work here?

General questions will be the focus of this interview. The management and your future boss is trying to learn about you. Will you fit with the company culture? How do you handle pressure? Do you prefer to work alone or with other people? 15-20 minutes and it is all over

Have you got any questions to ask us?

Sure you do! You prepared them in advance plus all those questions you wanted to ask before but didn’t want to interrupt the interview so far.

Don’t ask technical questions; ask about the culture, working hours, structure of the company etc. when they want you to start and what is the packaged offered. Package is the salary, superannuation together plus all benefits. You will probably get an estimate and they will respond “based on experience” which is a way to test your respond to the salary offered. Don’t let your face fall or jump from happiness, stay cool, wait for the real offer to come. It is not official yet.

Closure – end of the interview

At some point the interviewer will say something like “Thanks John, I guess we have all we need. It was great talking to you; we will make our decision and get back to you”. That is the sign to say “Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from your again”. Usually they will respond with one last “thank you and goodbye”. You will be left in the room with the interviewer who will show you to the exit. Make sure you shake his hand and greet him goodbye and walk off without looking backwards.

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