First phone call from the recruiter

So your phone is ringing, and the recruiter is on the line…

The first phone call from the recruiter is very important as the recruiter is trying to sense if you are the right person for the position offered, follow our tips and advice and you’ll get through easily. This is definitely a good sign, it means your CV was good enough to bring in for an interview. Your focus should be on Scheduling the interview.

Don’t try to sell yourself or provide any further information unless directly asked. Schedule a date and location and ask to get a confirmation email. This way if you didnt understand the recruiter you will have enough time to prepare for your real interview.

Common mistakes

A lot of people get nervous at this point and start talking to much trying to promote themself.

LISTEN! minimize your chattering and be kind and polite.

Once you have scheduled the interview try to end the conversation as quick as possible but in a polite way.


Now start preparing for the real interview

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