Referee List

How to prepare a Referee list?

As mentioned in the resume / CV structure page it is not recommended to add the referee list to your CV.

Once you are asked to provide one you should sent it as a separate document with a file name “John_Smith.doc”

The format of the document is less important. A simple structure is sufficient. In this case who you choose to act as referees and their details and are important. Dont get it wrong.

Who to use as a referee?

Option 1. Your current boss (the unlikely option but the best one) –

Option 2. If your current boss is not an option as you are still working in your current employment, Your previous boss is the next best option.

option 3. A colleague. If you are still new to Australia and there isn’t a previous boss, Ask one of your colleagues or even a colleague that no longer work in the company to act as a referee.

Option 4. If you can’t get a professional referee, You might consider using one of your friend as a referee. IT will work well if they have a good title and work in a well known place such as a bank. Even though they are not from the same field of expertise, like the all saying “tell me who are your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Option 5. Do you volunteer? Use your supervisor as a referee.

Once you established who are your referees it is time to focus on:

What to write on the referee list.

Title, Name, Position, Company, Contact Number, Email, Relationship


  1. Mr. John Roger, Site Manager, ANZ International, 0499 999 999, – My boss at ANZ
  2. Mrs. Jane Smith, Office Manager, CBA banking online, 0488 888 888, – A colleague at CBA

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