Your CV is ready and you want to send it, where do you find work ads?

There are more than a few ways to find jobs opportunities

Search the major job ads websites such as

Search other job ads websites such as

Contact recruitment agencies

Not all the jobs available are published immediately as ads cost money, the recruitment agencies and HR recruiters will first check their data base from appropriate candidates. Contact all major recruitment agencies in your field and provide them with a copy of your CV. Since you are not targeting a certain ad, it is recommended to call them first and discuss what your possibilities are.

Contact companies directly

Almost all major company will have on its website an email or contact us information regarding employment. Some companies even have their own website where they advertise available jobs.

We found this website is great for engineer jobs as it has a link directly to the career pages of all major engineering companies and companies that employ engineers.

Social Web Networks

Social networks such as Linkedin and even facebook are a good place to search for a new job. I know many recruiters seek candidates using linkedin and advertise available position.

Social network

Socialize with friends and new friends and create your own contacts. Many companies have a friend bring another friend policy when it comes to recruiting. Some of those companies even offer financial benefits in form of bonuses or other benefits so you will be surprise to discover people will be happy to put your CV forward in their place of work.

Mobile Applications

A large number of applications for iPhone and Android now are now available to offer the ability to search various sites and you can even apply directly from your smart phone.

 Goverment jobs

Goverment jobs are most likely to be advertised on their sites for example career in educations can be found here


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