Job offer

You finally get the job offer, you open it and it is full of T&C which is Terms and Conditions.

In this article we would learn to proparly read, understand and make sure you sign the right contract.

Find out what salaries are available out there

Most companies will offer you “a package”. This means your salary + 9% which is paid to your superannuation. so if you are offered a package of $55K it means about $50,450 + 9% = $55K

Since in Australia all financial benefits are taxable including Fringe Benefit Tax on cars, some companies will offer other form of benefits of which it is common to have

  • Health insurance
  • Salary packaging
  • Leased vehicle
  • Additional¬†superannuation¬†contribution¬†(above the normal 9%)
  • Education Support
  • Extra leave
  • Flexible hours
  • Work from home
  • Discounts and special offers for various products

Congratulation for your new job.

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