What not to write on a resume

Common mistakes in writing a resume

It is a very common mistake for job seekers to add unrelated information to their resume but it will generally harm their chances by doing so.Remember the goal of a resume is to get you an interview. Don’t include in your resume anything that might disqualify you from getting the job you want.

Here is a list of items which shouldn’t appear on your resume:

  • That you are not from Australia or any mentioning of your home country or any city outside Australia.
  • Your visa status or work eligibility in Australia – you will be asked about it in the interview.
  • Age, martial status, languages, hobbies, purpose in your career.
  • Your address.
  • Don’t include your photo.
  • Don’t explain that you are overseas and will come soon to OZ (do it in the cover letter).
  • Your military, army, armed forces service or any fighting unit experience from outside Australia (unless directly related to the position your are applying for)
  • Your CV should be now 2-4 pages – if it is longer, remove old unrelated work experience

Don’t write anything which is not up to date, for example computer programming in LOGO.

Don’t write skills which have no connection to the job such as tank commander in the army when you are applying for a lawyer position.

Don’t add a referee list – write referees are available upon request.

Avoid any mentioning of a job place or university from overseas: If you have to … abbreviate it or simply don’t write it.

Remember you only need to get an interview with this resume, don’t tell everything, they will discover all the details you hide in the interview.

Don’t write your personal details in the resume – use a header to do so, this way it will take less space and will appear in every page of your resume.

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