Graduates Resume

A Graduate’s resume is different from a resume for an experienced professional
Graduates have a slightly different resumes as their previous work experience is usually not relevant to the position they are applying to. As an example, working for a fast food chain during your studies will not improve your resume if you are applying for an accounting job.

On the other hand, there are many companies which are actively looking for graduates and offer them positions which will include training and guidance.

Resume / CV Structure

The resume / CV Structure a graduate should be

  1. Profile
  2. Affiliations
  3. Skills
  4. Education
  5. Work Experience
  6. Referees


Describe in brief what you are

Example:  John is a business analyst which recently graduated a B.A in Economics….


Majority of professions shall have an affiliation or an organization the graduate can register. It is highly recommended, especially if the institute you studied is not very familiar. By registering to an association you will be automatically associated with the profession and many companies shall look for that in your CV while some companies will actually require you to be registered (engineering, accounting etc…)


This is a critical point in your CV, just because you don’t have relevant work experience, it doesn’t mean you don’t have all the right skills for the job. Make sure you include all relevant skills and don’t miss on any of the keywords.


Normally, the year, title, and institute name is sufficient in a resume. In a graduate resumis also recommend to add the following:

  • What you specialized in your studies
  • Your projects (if relevant to the position you are applying for)
  • If you had a vocational student position during your studies
  • Any achievements

Work Experience

Work Experience is important to show you are not a lazy person but it is truly not required to go into depth of your latest position if it has no relevant to the position you are applying for. However, if any of the skills you used in those positions are relevant, put them in.


In your CV always write “Referees shall be provided upon request”

Who are your referees?

We recommend on top of the usual list recommendation to use

  • Your manager during the vocational student position
  • Your professor / instructor / teacher for your projects or the advance courses

What next?

Start sending your resume / CV and see what responds you get.

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