Action Verbs

What are action verbs?

Action Verbs are an excellent way to show that you are an active employee which initiate and participate in the work place and therefore an employee or a manager which will benefit your future employee. We gathered below many of those verbs in order for you to choose from when preparing your skills and mainly your work experience.
As a general rule, when preparing a resume or CV you want to include as many action verbs as possible.

Action verbs that address your planning skills include:

Conceived Estimated Justified Revised
Created Experimented Laid out Scheduled
Designed Formed Organised Solved
Developed Formulated Originated Systematised
Devised Initiated Planned Tailored
Engineered Innovated Projected Transformed
Established Instituted Reorganised

Action Verbs that address your skills in directing employees include:

Administered Decided Headed Prescribed
Approved Delegated Instructed Regulated
Authorised Determined Led Specified
Conducted Directed Managed Supervised
Controlled Guided Ordered Trained

Action verbs that suggest that you have skills in assuming responsibility include:

Checked Doubled Improved Operated Reviewed
Classified Established Implemented Overcome Sold
Collected Evaluated Initiated Performed Simplified
Complied Experienced Installed Prepared Transacted
Constructed Gathered Integrated Produced Tripled
Described Halted Maintained Received Used
Developed Handled Made Reduced Utilised

Action verb that embody an ability to provide effective service in:

Carried out Exchanged Furnished Procured Serviced
Committed Expanded Generated Provided Submitted
Delivered Expedited Inspected Purchased Transmitted
Demonstrated Explained Installed Rewrote Wrote
Earned Facilitated Issued Sent

Interactive skills with people are suggested by the used if these action verbs in your accomplishment statements:

Advised Consulted Helped Meditated Represented
Aided Contributed Informed Negotiated Resolved
Apprised Cooperated Inspired Participated Suggested
Clarified Coordinated Interpreted Promoted Unified
Conferred Counselled Interviewed Recommended

Investigative skills emerge with the use of these action verbs:

Analysed Correlated Investigated Reviewed
Assessed Discovered Observed Searched
Calculated Evaluated Proved Studied
Computed Familiarised Researched Verified


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