All you need to know about an Australian CV for free!

What is the goal of your CV?

Simple – Getting you an interview.After arriving to Australia I was completely ignored by recruiters. Not willing to give up, I searched the internet and improved my resume and cover letters to what I though was perfection but I was far from the truth. In the end I registered to a professional course of how to find a job in Australia and learned that the most important step in the process was getting the job interview. After implementing the changes available on this website I started getting call backs within 2 weeks and my first job within a month – SUCCESS! I recommend you read through about the process of getting a job in Australia.

Why don’t I get enough responds for my CV?

As a rule of thumb, for every five resumes you send you should get at least one phone call. If that is not your case, don’t worry, in this site I gathered years of experience to help you get the job you wanted and together will help you achieve your goal – FINDING THE JOB YOU WANT.

Writing a resume also known as a CV is a critical step in getting the job you want. It seems simple enough and there are many resume templates and guidance available over the internet for you to download including this site. So why do so many people fail to get the respond they wanted from their CV?

Mostly, it is because even though job seekers are focused on the position they want, they still fail to make the required changes to their resume and they often makes critical mistakes. The resume’s must be “Tailored” to the position offered and will discuss that further in the article CV Structure. Latest addition to the site is a real example for a CV I received and marked with many typical mistakes which is good to learn from.

How long does it take to get a job in Australia?

The average time to get a job in Australia ranges between 2 months to a year with an average of 3 to 6 months. Australia unemployment is relatively low so why do skilled, experienced and professional employees fail to find a job in Australia? It all starts with the wrong resume.

If you are new to Australia, looking for your first job or don’t have sufficient work experience in Australia? Still overseas and want to work in Australia? You need to read this first.

The goal of the recruiter is to make MONEY and you are just the product.

Don’t be mistaken, recruiting is a business and there are rules your recruiter have to play by in order to make his money. The recruiter can send a max of 3 people for an interview with its client – the company you will work for. If you get the job, the recruiter gets paid. If you fail to get the job you both fail. That is the reason the recruiter will not waste his time to take chances with applicants which doesn’t match the job description.

The life cycle of your CV once it was sent from your email.

Automatic scan software – the robots!

For every job published, hundreds of resumes will be provided. The recruiter is very limited with time so in order to save time, automated search tools (robots) will go through your resume and search for keywords. If your resume doesn’t have the correct keywords it will be automatically rejected without even being read by a human – Ouch! We will cover how to find and add the correct keywords in here.

Individual scan of your CV by the recruiter

Assuming you passed the automated check, the recruiter will open your resume. He will spend a max of 30 seconds (or even less) reading the first page or what is called “Above the fold” area. The recruiter has to go through hundreds of resumes every day. He has other positions available as well and therefore he is not searching for why he should call you, he is searching for a reason why he should reject your resume. If in 30 seconds he can’t find a reason to reject your resume, you made it to the short-list.

That is why the structure of the CV is so important, it makes the recruiter life easy and immediately he is “comfortable” with your CV. If your CV reads correctly, he will continue to do some check basic elements such as your title, degree, years of experience and local experience. If you made the cut you will be short listed and most likely you will get a phone call. Normally from the hundreds of resumes received, less than 10 will get short-listed. If you havent received a phone call within 3 days, call the agent yourself and introduce yourself. It will give you a good chance to pop your CV from the trash.

Ready to write your killer CV? follow this simple structure and you will be in the job market tomorrow!


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